Toxic Chemicals in the Home

April 3, 2017
The House of Healing

We all know how dangerous toxins can be to our health and well being.  Sadly, your body may be a toxic waste dump and you don’t even realise it.  Eighty thousand toxic chemicals have been released since the industrial revolution and few of them have been tested to find out the effect they have on our health; or how long they remain in our environment.  The average newborn baby has up to 287 known toxins in their umbilical cord blood.  Can you imagine how many toxins we are therefore exposed to during our lifetime.  It is vitally important that we regularly detoxify our bodies to stay on top of the onslaught of these chemicals as we are simply not designed to handle the amount we are exposed to.

Here are a few common symptoms of toxicity:
Fatigue, muscle and joint aches, sinus problems, bloating and gas, constipation/diarrhoea, foul smelling stools, heart burn, insomnia, dark circles under the eyes, rashes, inability to lose weight, anxiety and so much more.

So how do you detoxify?
Remember the tortoise and the hare.  Detoxifying needs to be done slowly and carefully so as not to overwhelm your body and put more of a burden upon it.  Simply things like:
1.    1½ litres minimum of clean fresh water daily.
2.     Avoid gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast to repair you gut for when you start to clean out your liver.  Rushing a liver detox with an inflamed, leaky bowel is a recipe for disaster. 
3.    Take regular infrared saunas to assist you to sweat it out slowly.
4.    Throw away all the toxic cleanser you use in your home.   Young Living has some amazing cleaning products especially Thieves.
5.    Quit smoking.
6.    Cut right back on your alcohol. Have a completely alcohol free month.
7.    Walk daily in a park – not along a busy road where you are breathing in even more toxins.  Every weekend take on a long walk in the country.  If short on time climb Mt Lofty and make your lungs breathe in the fresh air provided by the canopy of trees.
8.    Have a regular massage to get your lymphatics clearing the toxins from the tissues.
9.    Get a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night as our body does most of our detoxification during sleep.
10.Eat organic food.
11.Place indoor plants in your home as they have been proven to remove toxins from the atmosphere.
12. Make an appointment at The House of Healing to establish the level of toxins and the stress on each of your organs. We will also organise a suitable product to clean out your liver slowly and gently. Remember the tortoise………
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released a list of high-priority chemicals which may be found in our homes. Here are the top 10.
1. Asbestos
This is a carcinogen, found in automobile brake pads and clutches, vinyl tiles, and roofing materials. News reports have recently revealed that asbestos is still being used legally in Australian building materials.
2. PERC – Perchloroethylene or Tetrachlorethylene
This is a potential carcinogen with links to numerous cancers. It is used in dry-cleaning fluids, water repellents, paint removers, printing inks, glues, sealants, polishes and lubricants.
3. Phthalates
Also called plasticisers, this group of chemicals is linked to reproductive harm and early puberty in girls. They are found in PVC, plastic wraps, toys, vinyl flooring, adhesives, detergents, lubricating oils, automotive plastics, garden hoses, blood storage containers, medical tubing, plastic clothes like raincoats and personal-care products including soaps, shampoos, hair sprays and nail polishes.
4. BPA – bisphenol A
Used in the lining of food cans, plastic food containers, tetra packs, plastic and baby bottles, plastic dinnerware and cash register receipts, BPA is carcinogenic and an endocrine disrupter with links to infertility, development risks and diabetes.

5. Chlorinated phosphate fire retardants
With links to possible brain and nerve damage, these chemicals are found in upholstered furniture, foam cushions, infant car seats and insulation.

6. TBBPA – Tetrabromobisphenol A
TBBPA is a flame retardant with potential carcinogen and endocrine disruption properties. It is found in electronic equipment, auto parts and appliances.

7. Brominated phthalate fire retardants
Found in polyurethane foam for furniture and baby products, these chemicals are linked to developmental toxicity.

8. I-Bromopropane – IBP or n-propyl bromide
This is found in degreasers and cleaners, spray adhesives, aerosol cleaners, spot removers, coin cleaners, paintable mould release, automotive refrigerant flushes and lubricants. It may have adverse development and reproductive effects.

9. DEHA – Diethylhydroxylamine
This probable carcinogen is also linked to developmental toxicity and is found in plastic wrap and PVC plastic.

10. P-dichlorobenzene
This is mainly used in deodoriser blocks in domestic and public toilet facilities. It is also used as a domestic air freshener, in moth balls, and has some uses in the pharmaceutical industry. It is linked to liver and nerve damage. 
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