When Pain Returns

October 3, 2015
The House of Healing

Throughout our lives we have events that restrict us. Events that were emotionally charged, like losing a loved one, accidents or never living up to our parent’s expectations.
If these events are not complete, if the emotional charge is not released they will continue to use energy and restrict our lives.
Take the following story and while reading insert your version of events.

Father: Your father was hard on you to be your best creating a belief that “I’m not good enough”
Injury: You injure your knee at sports. There goes your dreams of playing professionally.
Running: You keep running any way through determination. Your knee doesn’t improve and it becomes the scapegoat for all your problems.
Family: Relationship tension through unmet expectations. You thought you would have had more by now. Your plans for your life are falling behind.
Boss: Your boss criticises your work.
Result: Neck Pain.
Your boss didn’t cause the neck pain you just went over the threshold of what the body can deal with.
Each event because it was not complete continues to use up a portion of your daily energy supply. For the sake of this story if 10% is allocated to each event 50% of your daily energy supply is continuing to be used to deal with the past.
With only 50% of your daily energy supply left the body and mind can’t grow or repair well.  What does that mean for you?
        You can’t relax and don’t sleep well.
        Simple illnesses happen often like colds or headaches.
        The neck pain comes back every time there is a little extra stress.
        When major stress occurs your health falls in a heap.
BodyTalk is an energy therapy that releases the past so you have maximum energy for the present. This allows you to heal those pains and be way under the threshold so that they don’t return.
Tricia Butler, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

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