Bowel Cancer Awareness

June 3, 2015
The House of Healing


The latest information from Bowel Cancer Australia tells us that ‘it is estimated that changes in diet and physical activity could reduce the incidence of bowel cancer by up to 75%’.  15,151 Australians are told they have bowel cancer each year, including 1,091 people under the age of 50.  Don’t be one of the statistics.  Be aware of risk factors associated with this fatal disease and how your diet and lifestyle can help prevent bowel cancer. 

According to Bowel Cancer Australia there is convincing evidence that higher levels of physical activity protect against colon cancer.  Diets that are high in saturated fat, meat protein and calories and low in plant fibre pose a high risk. Convincing evidence also suggests that consumption of foods containing dietary fibre protect against bowel cancer.  Colonic inflammation and vitamin D deficiency is also associated with bowel cancer. 

Proper nutrition, diet and physical activity are essential factors to help prevent this disease. 

Remember, bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer.  The risk of bowel cancer increases with age and with around 25% of cases there is a family history or hereditary component.  90% of cases can be treated successfully and early screening every 1-2 years from age 50 could save your life.  

For more information on dietary and lifestyle tips for a healthy and happy bowel, contact one of our friendly staff at the House of Healing.  Your Health is Our Passion!

These facts and more are available at Bowel Cancer Australia: 

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