How to Give Your Body a Break from Toxic Overload

October 1, 2014
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How to Give Your Body a Break from Toxic Overload

Sadly exposure to toxins is unavoidable in our modern world. Toxins do not discriminate; they affect each and every one of us which is why undertaking a detoxification program is absolutely necessary for optimal health.

Today the air we breathe, the water we drink and food we grow and consume have all become sources of toxic exposure, together with internally-generated wastes. Even babies are being born pre-polluted and in some cases, fed breast milk with stored toxins accumulated throughout a mother’s lifetime.  Our toxic overload increases with ageing due to prolonged exposure, and the toxic damage on cells further increases cellular susceptibility.

We can no longer ignore that toxins are a driving factor in a vast range of health conditions.  Improving detoxification and reducing the toxic burden is one of the cornerstones of restoring balance and health.  Each and every one of us is unique with variations in the degree and type of toxic burden, detox capacity and how toxicity is contributing to poor health.  What this means is you must take an individualised approach to addressing your detoxification needs.

Evaluating your symptoms alongside your history of toxin exposure and contributing risk factors is a good place to start. 

Your diet can provide a major source of ongoing toxin and allergen exposure. Our gut is the primary interface between the external environment and our cells and essentially the first internal barrier to toxicity.  For those who experience gastrointestinal disorders such as coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease have a predisposition to a permeable intestinal barrier and resistant dysbiotic bacteria, which may lead to an increase in toxic burden.  Making dietary changes can reduce your toxic burden, and with the right changes, can also increase toxic resistance. 
With those of you with known exposure to heavy traffic, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, solvents, alcohol, and cigarette smoke and other environmental chemical toxicity you may find each of these factors weigh down heavily on your health.  If this is you then you may benefit from liver detoxification which specifically supports Phase I and Phase II detoxification systems as well antioxidant nutrients to help prevent the cellular damage caused by an overload of free radicals.  Remember ‘free radicals’ are highly unstable molecules which steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage to DNA, cell membranes and other cellular structures.  You do not want this!
Heavy metal accumulation frequently occurs in those in high risk occupations, such as plumbers, welders, builders, miners and renovators.  Other sources often not considered are dental work, fish and vaccinations.  Heavy metals can accumulate in the body over time and are suspected of triggering conditions such as thyroid problems, neurological conditions and infertility and birth defects.  If you are worried about heavy metal exposure then you may need to evaluate your exposure and consider a heavy metal detox programme to remove these contaminants from your body to minimise the impact they may have on your health. 

Whether you want to effectively and efficiently eliminate toxins you are exposed to or you are interested in detoxing because you want to look and feel even healthier than you should consider these factors and signs and symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from the burden of toxins and be in need of a good detox…

Factors That Increase Your Need to Detox Include:

Exposure to pollution and chemicals
Exposure to new cars and new furniture
Smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption
Diets high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed and packaged foods
Fertility and pre-conception care
Overweight or obesity

Signs That Indicate You May Need to Detox:

Digestive complaints
Skin problems
Hormonal imbalances
Neurological conditions
Poor energy
Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
Food intolerances
There is no ‘one-approach-fits-all’ detoxification program. Most of us require a broad range of actions to enhance detoxification capacity and reduce cellular damage which incorporates appropriate diet and lifestyle changes, to minimise exposures and reduce toxic burden over the long term. 
If you need advice on an individualised detoxification programme then we are here to support your journey towards optimal health! 
Our passion is your health……………………

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