Shape Up wth the Benefits of Body Coach

August 31, 2014
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                      Shape Up with the Benefits of Body Coach

If you long for improved fitness, better mobility and a trim, toned body but find it hard to make time, you may find this information truly exciting! 

“Whole Body Vibration” is not a new concept.  Vibration training has existed for 20 years, first being applied to astronauts who could make use of vibrations to restore their strength in a relatively short time after long space flights.  It is a principle that has become available from science. This technology is now widely used throughout not only Australia but worldwide by a growing number of health professionals and elite sports teams to enhance training. 

“Independent scientific studies have shown that vibration therapy really works and that up to 80% of time can be saved with from 20 to 30% better results in comparison with traditional training methods”

So How does the Body Coach work?
The body coach is fitted with a vibration plate
which you stand, sit or lie on in varying positions. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. An automatic stretch reflex is generated in the body by means of the mechanical vibrations from the plate.  This vibration mechanism reaches 100% of the muscle groups in your body without you having to move; compared to traditional training methods which are only 50% to 80%.  Because of the intensity of the stimuli – which can be as high as 60 per second – results are accomplished that simply cannot be matched by traditional training.

The exciting application of the Body Coach is that you can train virtually every muscle in your body by means of different positions so it is very easy to get started. 

The 5 basic rules you:
  Drink 1/3 of a litre of water before training
  Do not train on an empty stomach – consume light protein first
  Wear comfortable sports shoes with a sole of medium thickness
  Always try to find your balance
  Wear comfortable clothing

Vibration training is fast and varied and is accessible to people in any physical condition. Its application goes from the treatment of cellulite and figure correction, to power training, stretching, and also various medical treatments.  

Physical Benefits of the Body Coach include…
  Improved muscle mass and tone
  Improved blood circulation
  Increased power
  Increased mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints
  Strengthens bone tissue and increases bone density
  Collagen improvement
  Cellulite reductions
  Fat reduction

Further reading and Research…
For more information on the benefits and specific research on vibration training view these recent and widely discussed publications:

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