February 1, 2014
The House of Healing
Most of us have heard of ‘leaky gut syndrome’ ……………..
So what does it actually mean?  
The lining of your intestinal track, where you process food and absorb the essential nutrients you require, has an increase in permeability.  This means large spaces develop between the cells of your gut wall allowing bacteria, toxins and food to leak into the bloodstream creating havoc in your system.
Your intestines are supposed to dispose of the toxins to prevent them accumulating in the body.  So when the spaces appear, your liver is the first organ to be affected as it tries to filter out all these foreign particles that are not supposed to be there. Unfortunately, if your liver is already under stress this debris starts to accumulate in your body creating health issues.
As the build-up occurs your immune system perceives these toxins as invaders and launches outright war.  This is not a healthy situation for two reasons. The first is by waging war on these intruders your immune system needs to leave other important tasks alone including defending the body which is now susceptible to any bacteria, viruses and inflammation; clearly not a good scenario.

The second is that these many undigested food molecules leaking from your gut into the blood stream creates a reaction in your body. Later when you eat that particular food/s your body goes into fight mode because it thinks it is being invaded again.  This is how some food sensitivities and intolerances may arise.

How do I know if I have it?

Each person’s symptoms are different; but if you notice bloating, experience reflux, lower bowel gas, constipation or diarrhoea you probably have a problem.  Another symptom is a poor immune system where you can’t fight off infections like a common colds easily.  Some patients have skin rashes because the body is trying excrete these invaders through the skin which is also a large detoxify organ. Any or all of these symptoms could mean you have a leaky gut or dysbiosis and need help. 

The Good news…
If you are suffering any of the above; assistance is at hand…. our Naturopath’s Deborah Rugari and Jessica Lawson deal with these issues on a daily basis and can successfully assist you to treat this problem returning your digestive tract to normal.  This may mean taking a probiotic or herbs to heal the gut and generally eliminating the offending foods whilst your gut repairs.
A daily ritual….

Healthy eating……. As enjoyable as it is to over indulge during the festive season it is now a perfect time to eliminating sugars, some grains, yeast, alcohol and starchy foods which will dramatically reduce any stress on your digestive system.  This combined with the correct supplementation will reduce the spaces in your bowel and allow for naturally healing to occur.

A helping hand…

Eating a healthier diet and not over indulging will certainly assist.  However you also need a good probiotic to provide the friendly bacteria needed to heal your gut lining and help you absorb all the nutrients from the nutritious food you are now eating.  We have a new probiotic in stock from Cellular Nutrition called Probiotic Defence… now available at The House of Healing.

And just to make certain it is the best probiotic for you, we are happy to offer a FREE 5 minute VEGA test.  Bookings essential.  Simply phone Reception on 8431 9288

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