November 30, 2013
The House of Healing
The Festive Season is officially upon us and it is easy to get caught up in the holiday parties and feasts that come along with it. While it is unrealistic to think we can avoid all the goodness wrapped up in the Festive season, the beautiful sunshine we are blessed with over summer can make us feel invincible; however the best way to ensure we bring in the New Year feeling like a million dollars is to remember ‘less is more’.
Remaining motivated while on holidays is no easy task and as our lives get busier and busier we try to pack as much family, hobby and social time in as possible. So don’t we deserve to let our hair down and indulge a little? Of course! We all have our favourite foods we like to treat ourselves to during the Festive Season but overeating can attribute to some extra kilos gained once January starts. A great tip to avoid overeating is to use smaller plates; your portion looks bigger so you still feel like you’re giving yourself that little bit extra!
Another great way to avoid eating too much is to steer clear of going to parties hungry! Saving yourself for eating at parties or functions never works well for your body as your blood sugar level will be low. This means you are more likely to eat whatever is available at the party and will keep nibbling despite the fact you may not be hungry anymore. If you ensure you have eaten a good protein snack 2 hours before attending your party or function you should be able to avoid over indulging in too much naughty food.
The key during the festive Season is to focus on fun and activities rather than food and alcohol. It is summer, so if you want to have an extra bit of indulgence here and there compensate by getting outdoors and getting active. A walk along the beach, a swim in the water, some backyard cricket with the family…. any of these activities to get you and your family and friends active is great to burn off excess calories.
The Festive Season is about enjoying your time with family and friends, sharing great food and wine together in celebration. We made it through the year and with all that life can throw at us that is an achievement in itself! Holidays are our time to relax, rejuvenate and reset for the New Year. Reflect on the choices we have made and look to the future with an open heart and good intentions.
Here at The House of Healing we wish all of you joy, peace and happiness! Have a wonderful Festive Season taking the time to do what makes you happy, whatever that may be….And remember we’re always here to assist you with your New Year health and happiness goal!

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