Parasites and the Inside Story on Detox

December 1, 2012
The House of Healing

It is one of the buzzwords of the health conscious. Detox.
What does it mean to detox? Why is it necessary? How can it be best achieved?
Strictly speaking, toxinsare poisonous substances produced by living organisms. Think of snakes, spiders and jellyfish. The venom of these animals all fall into the category of toxins.
Detoxing is the process of eliminating these toxins.
Been bitten by a snake lately? Probably not. So detox is not for you, right?
Wrong! Toxins are more common than you think.
Toxin-producing organisms include all sorts of parasitic life forms that live in humans. These include bacteria, worms, protozoa and flukes.
Parasites are the most successful life form on the planet. Medical experts in one Western country find parasites in over 90% of the people they examine.
Parasites inhabit humans by stealth – often you don’t even know they are present. They feed on the nutrients in your food, and load you down with their secretions and excretions (toxins).
How do you know if you are hosting unhealthy organisms? You may not feel them, but you will sure notice their toxins! Abdominal pain, bad breath, bowel irritation, fluid retention, food sensitivities, joint/muscle pain, allergies, bloating, fatigue, unexplained fevers, chronic vaginal yeast or itching, gas and stomach cramps are common signs of the toxins caused by various parasites.
Wasted effort
Unfortunately most popular “Detox Programs” are not really detox treatments at all. While they may help eliminate chemicals and heavy metals in your system (helpful but these substances are not technically toxins), few actually target parasites and the waste products they leave behind.
If a Detox Treatment is honest it will also eliminate the source of the toxins in your system – parasites.
Parasites have lifecycles that must be broken. Treatments lasting less than 30 days do not eliminate parasites properly, leaving behind eggs and larvae to live on and fight another day.
Well-entrenched or long-term infestations often need ongoing treatment lasting 60 or even 90 days to ensure a thorough cleanse. If you notice any of the symptoms of toxins mentioned above then you are a prime candidate for a 60 or 90 day extended parasite cleanse.
Finally no thorough detox treatment is complete without a system recharge. Replenishing your digestive tract with beneficial bacteria boosts your immunity and helps close the door on future infestations.
And so Detox is not a quick fix. It appropriately encompasses a whole wellness program, weeding out toxins and the parasites that put them there, seedingyour system with beneficial bacteria, and feeding the process with minerals to make it all work. Detox is more than a buzzword. It is a way of maintaining vibrant health.
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