Healthy Skin – From the Inside Out

October 31, 2012
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Healthy Skin – From the Inside Out!
Your skin is an external reflection, visible to everyone, of how your body is functioning internally. Due to the intimate relationship between the skin and the rest of the body, treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea is complex and it can be difficult to achieve lasting results, especially if you don’t seek professional help. Furthermore some of these conditions can be painful, itchy, irritating and greatly effect self-confidence. It can be a frustrating and challenging road to finding effective and sustainable ways to improve the health and appearance of your skin. A healthcare practitioner can help you find solutions to regain, vibrant, healthy skin with treatments that work from the inside out.
The ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of Poor Skin
Healthy radiant skin relies on your body and internal organs being healthy and functioning well. There are many functions of the body that, if not working properly, can contribute to poor skin. These may include:
·         Ineffective clearance of toxins or metabolic wastes via the digestive tract and/or the liver
·         Poor immune function and inflammation
·         Poorly managed stress
·         Sluggish circulation and lymphatic flow
·         Poor dietary habits
·         Poor personal hygiene
·         Hormonal fluctuations e.g. skin conditions that worsen pre-menstrually
·         Nutritional deficiencies
Lifestyle is part of the Prescription
There are changes that you can make to your daily diet and lifestyle to help you on your way to better skin:
·         You are what you eat: So eat well!! A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for skin health and your Practitioner can provide you with dietary advice specific to your skin condition.
·         Be active: Exercise helps increase blood flow to the skin, and encourages the removal of toxins through sweat; so make daily exercise a part of your skin health program today!
·         Aim for better stress management: Stress can increase inflammation and affect digestive and immune function, all of which are contributing factors to poor skin health.
 ·         Brush your skin: Dry skin brushing prior to your morning shower is a simple technique to stimulate lymphatic circulation, helping your body clear the build-up of toxins that can aggravate skin conditions.
·         Wash your skin with pH-controlled gels: Humans are covered in a diverse wardrobe of skin microbes, many of which promote skin health. Washing too frequently or using alkalising soaps can remove some of these beneficial microbes from the surface of your skin, allowing pathogenic organisms to cause infection.
·         Support yourself with supplements: Your Practitioner can recommend a personalised supplement regimen to boost your health status and address the causes of your skin ailment.
·         Treat yourself topically: Whilst a healthy body is essential for achieving the healthiest skin possible, topical treatments prescribed by your Practitioner may help to provide rapid, symptomatic relief.
Healing Goodness from Nature’s Dispensary
There are specific nutrients involved in keeping skin healthy, and addressing nutritional deficiencies is a good place to start in any skin condition.
Essential fatty acids – found in fish oil play a critical role in promoting healthy skin. They help to regulate healthy cellular function, and maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Essential fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation. Taking a potent, high quality fish oil can improve your skin health by improving hydration, elasticity and reducing inflammation. As a result, skin has an improved texture and tone leaving it looking and feeling noticeably healthier.
Zinc – is an important mineral for skin health. Zinc repairs damaged tissues and helps heal wounds. As a result, if you don’t have enough zinc, then your ability to repair damaged skin becomes impaired. Zinc deficiency can also result in your immune system having poor control over the maintenance of your skin.
Treatment for Skin Conditions
While a comprehensive internal treatment strategy to address skin problems from the inside out is underway, topical creams and lotions can be used to give speedy and effective symptomatic relief.
Aloe Vera – is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that support wound healing through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.
Calendula – has a long history of traditional use for treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin infections and healing wounds. This skin herb has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions and also enhances wound healing.
Essential Oils – can be very effective in treating many troubling skin conditions by soothing the skin, as well as having potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, and promoting skin healing. Chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, juniper berry and manuka leaf essential oils have key roles in treating skin conditions.
Your Practitioner can help to improve your skin from the inside out, by recommending diet and lifestyle changes and nutritional support that is specific to you and your skin condition. Arrange an appointment today!
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I will agree on the paragraph that your skin needs pampering sometimes to activate the natural collagen in your skin and avoiding nutritional deficiencies such as zinc deficiency that makes you look old and stressful for your entire body's skin.


Enough sleep and diet high in fiber and fruits can make skin healthy.

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Andrea Peterson
March 5, 2013 3:08 am

I agree that vitamins can help us maintain healthy and younger looking skin, but also always remember to exercise, eat proper diet and take supplements like the one i am taking for years – astaxanthin.

Dana Franklin
May 10, 2013 5:29 am

Drinking a good amount of water and living a stress free life are just few ways to achieve healthy and youthful skin. get to know


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Just to add, lemon and oats can add to skin care natural products.
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I have been trying to balance my hormones for 2.5 yrs with a naturopath but my acne (mainly either side of my chin and now my neck) wont clear up no matter what I do. I eat extremely clean and take supplements for hormones and nothing works.


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